Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lisa's Master

It was time for a change in our master bedroom.  We took it from dark and moody, to light and airy.  We changed the wall from dark brown to this beautiful white, wainscotted beauty.  I love my new bedding and the smile it brings to my face.

I love the collection of colors, texture, and pattern in the various pillows.  I opted to not by shams that match the bedding and use the money for custom pillows.  So happy that I have the sewing talent to make what I like from fabrics.  The bird pillow and rust Ikat patterns are my favorites.

The lampshades have been a favorite of mine and had to be incorporated into my new room.  I love the mirrors anchoring the bedside tables and the extra light and sparkle they give to the room.

It truly is amazing how fabric and color can change a room so much!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lindsay's Master

I redesigned my master bedroom this fall and have enjoyed every minute I spend in it!  It was so nice to go from dark and bland to light and beautiful!  It's been a great change...

And this reading corner was a Christmas surprise! 

Our new HOME

Welcome!  We're excited to launch our new business, Trio Design!  
We appreciate your visit and hope we can help you in your home. 

-Kallee, Lisa and Lindsay