Sunday, March 24, 2013

Breanna's Master

Breanna's master was in desperate need of some elevating, so we were thrilled when she wanted it done.  Here is the before,

and the after!  It is incredible what bedding, pillows, curtains, and accessories can do for a room.  The curtains definitely softened the room, while the new bedding and pillows brought some added umph!

Dressing the walls and the side tables shows the power of accessories!

She wants to add a chair eventually, and a leather club chair will pair beautifully with this floral ottoman.

We love how a gallery of different fabrics can be instant art.  It is simple and beautiful.  Thanks Breanna for letting us turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Lintons

It was a pleasure redecorating the Linton's home.  Not only did we do their toy room, but we redid their upstairs family room.  We chose a yellow and gray pallet and went with natural textures.

It feels so warm and inviting.

We also redid their downstairs family room and kitchen.

They have a vintage brass bed that they love, so we decorated the room in a way to highlight the vintage character but still make it feel fresh.

Lastly, this is a guest room that we updated.

LInton's Toy Room

One of our favorite clients was in desperate need of a toy room overhaul.
We took it from this catchall room

filled to overflowing with toys, exercise equipment, etc

to this!  It is such a dramatic change.  We chose a soft gray for the walls and a neutral laminate flooring for the floors.  We accented in primary colors and gave the room zones.

The toys were scattered everywhere, so we took out unnecessary cabinetry, added this smart toy storage system and found a place for everything.  This was such a great transformation.