Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boundless in Bloom

Spent the day creating this little grouping in Khloe's room.  When I saw this art piece, I knew it was the perfect way to transition Khloe's room.  I love the message of hope and wonderment. Plus, the colors complement her bedroom perfectly.  I re-purposed the "K" from another spot in her room, added the darling sayings from Hobby Lobby's art section, included the  scalloped trays, and ornate mirror to finish off the collage.  Would you believe the scalloped trays are candle holders from Ikea?  I've wanted to find a use for them for a while now.  I'm so glad it's in my baby girl's room.  The mirror was originally black, so I just spray painted it white.  It felt so good to design, shop, and create today!  It was all worth it when Khloe walked in and said, "Oh Mom, I love it!  It is just darling."  I am raising her right.  (She appreciates all things design without any prodding from her mom,)  What a great day and little makeover!